Belle-ile and Le Palais, Sauzon, Bangor & Locmaria

Belle-Ile Cove
Belle-Ile Cove

There are four main villages on the island of Belle-ile, and each village gives its name to the commune (parish) that surrounds it. The four communes are;

  • Bangor
  • Le Palais
  • Locmaria
  • Sauzon


If you have never been to the island of Belle-ile before you are in for a treat. As soon as you arrive, you will see why so many people love the island and how it earned the name Beautiful Island. A favourite amongst artists, many painters visit every year to capture the traditional French imagery that pervades the island.

Maison de Sarah Bernhardt
Maison de Sarah Bernhardt

Maison de Sarah Bernhardt

The museum “Maison de Sarah Bernhardt” is dedicated to the famous actress who stayed on the island regularly in the 19th century. She arranged the grounds surrounding her home as a set of natural gardens integrated into the scenery of the region. This intimate museum explores Sarah's life through personal photos, articles and items accompanied by a romantic commentary read by Fanny Ardent playing the role of Sarah's grand-daughter. The museum is well worth a visit to discover the strange life of this famous actress.

Golf de Belle-Ile-en-Mer
Golf de Belle-Ile-en-Mer

Golf de Belle-Isle en Mer

This is a truly unique links golf course that overlooks the sea. The course is described as “organic” as there are no artificial additions. At times you will have to hit low to avoid the wind, whilst on hole 2 you will have to hit a minimum of 160m directly over the sea. A wonderfully refreshing and inspirational course that will use every club in your bag.

Sights of Belle-Ile
Sights of Belle-Ile

Touring the Island

The best way to see the island is by bicycle and these can be hired from a local shop, while for those who prefer to drive you can rent a car on the island. Within a short distance of Sauzon you will find secluded beaches, tranquil islets and shady groves, perfect places for a picnic or simply to watch the clouds go by.

Vives Eaux
Vives Eaux - Sea Kayaking

Vives-Eaux (Spring tides)

Start your trip with a relaxing walk among the hidden beaches and coves before spending a couple of hours kayaking beneath the towering rock formations and enjoying the island from a different perspective. An adventure that will appeal to nature lovers everywhere.

Poney Bleu Sauzon
Poney Bleu

Poney Bleu (Blue pony)

Take a tour on horseback! The experienced team of both horses and handlers will guide you on pre-planned routes that are suitable for riders of every experience level.

Holiday Lets in Sauzon

We have two characterful holiday rentals available in Sauzon, La Brigantine a large house on the harbour, and Les Galets a rustic cottage.